The Whistlin' Mothers History

As told by Jim Paul(Nov2002)

First of all, the boot in question is the property of the Whistlin' Mothers. To know of the Boot history, you must first know of the Whistlin' Mother organization's colourful background. The Mothers Touch Football team was established in 1985, replacing the former Kim Wallys way back to the Green Things Drug Runners. Basically the same group of guys got drafted every year. The original owner of the cleat that was goldenized and is proudly used and displayed on top of the solid cherry (tree cut down in my back yard), trophy base that I have constructed is Mr. Past President A.Y.(Rick) Jackson's. The first Whistlin' Mothers Golden Boot Trophy was constructed by Chris McCrady out of mahogany and was later overhauled by myself to accommodated the growing number of recipients. The original team first started with Chris McCrady and myself as two of the original founders, and set the precedence of a different type of football team that up to that time had not existed. For one year in action, Bob McCabe purchased team jerseys, shorts, and socks for everyone, sporting the Whistlin' Mothers logo, designed by Chris McCrady. Modern day Mother Norm Farrow bought the current team beautiful Mother Hats, replacing the lost or forgotten former ones. In the splashy underlining of the Whistlin' Mother logo can be found the skilfully hidden word, "f***er". Consequently the adopted title, "Whistlin' Mother F***ers", was introduced.

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Don McDade, a former high school football star, was the inspiration for the team name. In one incident, McDade threw a hard, streamline pass to which someone commented, "That Mother was really whistlin". And so the team name was created. McDade was drafted one time as a Mother and although a skilful football player and athlete, could not lower himself to the unfashionably current team ethics the Mothers had time consumedly established and was promptly fired from the team. His reluctance to commit to the team could have come from the team's statistics at that time, proudly displaying a 0 in 17 record over a three season period. The basic format of the team has stayed in place now for 17 years, with it's variety of reoccurring theme days found to be enjoyed by everyone on the Mothers as well as other teams players. Strict fines of 12 to 24 beer were more enforcedly handed out in these olden days to a then younger team, more so than with today's new list of participating drafted Mothers participants. The elected president sets the following weeks theme day and awards the weekly "Game Ball Winner", jersey to the Mother who exhibits exceptional contributions to the game played that day. The jersey doesn't always go to the best player. Last week my wife won it because she brought more beer to the field when we ran out. Among favourite theme days will always be found many favourites like, lawn chair day, tattoo day, toque and brown socks day, fan appreciation day, Caesar day, shooter day, wine and cheese day, hors d'oeuvre day, and bandana day. Failure to be a participant in the current day's theme, or phoning one other player if you can't make the game, is grounds for receiving a fine.

Whistlin' Jim Paul,
Past President

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